RenovateParts of Japanese Used Cars -bumper,bonnet,fender,light,taillight,aero,grill-

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Q. How to order.

Please send the order list with the fax or mail.
Inventory figures and the unit price that exists in our company are reported from the order list.

Q. How to trade.

Please come to our company thoroughly with the interpreter.

I will guide prior of ..departure.. Na that enters into business relations.

I will confirm accurate order parts according to the order list.

Even where are the part repair necessary?------The unit price is reduced depending on the repair method.

About the delivery of goods method.-----------The unit price is reduced at our delivery.

About the settlement.------------------------The day when payment was confirmed becomes an order day.

Q. Dealings since the second times?

Our inventory figures are checked from the order list, and the estimate is sent by the unit price of the meeting condition.
It goes into production according to the order list as soon as it is possible to settle it.