RenovateParts of Japanese Used Cars -bumper,bonnet,fender,light,taillight,aero,grill-


At first

・Please send your order list along with your fax and/or email address. An inventory will then be taken to ensure we have sufficient stock
 of the requested product.

・Following this, a quote will be sent as to the stock quantity and price.
 (Will answer within the range where the stock status and the price of our company can be roughly understood. )

Beginning of dealings

・Please come to our company with a translator, if required.

・A company representative will take you for a guided tour around our facility and show you the processes and techniques utilised
 for the repair process.

・We will confirm the request for parts as per the order list.

・If part repair is required the unit price will be reduced depending on the repair method.

・Furthermore,if you are able to pick up the goods directly from our facility we can negotiate a additional reduction in the price.

・The order is processed upon receipt of payment.

Continuous dealings

・After the initial order has been processed and finalized and a second order has been placed, the process is then simpler.

・Our inventory figures are checked from the order list, and the estimate is sent as according to the unit price per product listed in the  quoted price.

・Upon processing of the order it is then sent as soon as possible.


・Because stock demand fluctuates daily we must check our inventory to ensure sufficient stock before we process any orders.

・If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at